Is Studying Abroad Still Worth It in 2024?
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Is Studying Abroad Still Worth It in 2024?

According to the Economic Times, 2024 will bring a huge change in global education. People are making more dynamic and educated decision-making processes. Thus, a studying abroad program will be approached more critically than ever. 

With the increasing trend of studying abroad, people are exploring more options than ever. Earlier Canada used to be the hot spot of everyone for their renowned education system and culture. But now due to relations between both countries and new immigration laws being applied, students are facing many issues. Thus, new countries are being explored.

Besides Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA.. The trend in European countries has begun. Germany is a top choice for students for its top-class education and public universities with less to zero fees. Scholarships are being provided for students and work opportunities are being given.

Countries like Luxembourg, Italy, France, Russia, and New Zealand are the top choices for students after Germany. Governments of these countries are providing topmost services, education, scholarships, and working opportunities to bring students to their countries to increase their GDP.

So, the question is, is studying abroad still worth it in 2024?

If you ask me, I will answer you with the years of experience that I have and the amount of students I have consulted. Studying abroad is a trend that will never go out of fashion. Not that our country is not providing the best education, but to experience other cultures and teaching methods outside of India can bring you more than it promises. It’s not an easy road but it is what makes it more fruitful.

Let us discuss some points why it is worth it to study abroad in 2024 and in coming future.

Career Boost

Studying abroad can boost your career to a level that you might not get to do in your own country. How you may ask? A recent study by the Institute of International Education found that students are 17% more likely to get employed abroad than their domestic counter parts. It is because companies worldwide acknowledge the global perspective and intercultural skills of a student.

Earning Power

Well, you can’t beat dollars, right? According to a study in Australia, an average international student earns 6% more than any domestic student. This gives a financial advantage to students, especially the freshers.

Standing out from the crowd

An international education in your resume? A win-win situation for your career anywhere. Today the market is very competitive and to beat this your international education will demonstrate your independence, adaptability, and willingness to embrace new challenges which will make your resume shine.

Life-long connections

From your first day abroad, you will start making new connections. They will guide you in some or another way in your journey, whether they are your friends, teachers, or co-workers. This connection can be valuable in your future or current life.

Experience the new culture

Experiencing a new culture doesn’t only mean meeting new people, it is getting out of your comfort zone and trying a new approach of life. This way you will get a broader understanding and you will keep challenging yourself.

Add up to new memories

Studying abroad has its perks, you can explore the beautiful landscapes, and make lifelong friends.

Become a global citizen

Studying abroad will give you a chance to not only study but work after studying through PGWP. This may earn you a chance to get a PR of that particular country. It will broaden your horizons and equip you with the skills to deal with the interconnected world.

Boost your confidence

Stepping outside your comfort zone and navigating a new environment builds self-reliance and confidence. You’ll learn to solve problems creatively and become more resourceful.

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