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Plot No- C-98/2/6,Kolhvire Rd, Jejuri MIDC,Jejuri,Purandar,Pune-412303,Maharashtra
30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan,Wyoming 82801
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About AEC Educare Pvt Ltd

WELCOME TO AEC Educare Pvt. Ltd.

"We Are An Online Platform For Study Abroad "

Welcome to AEC Pvt Ltd. (AEC), a registered educational consulting company in both India and the USA, serving as your gateway to a world of educational opportunities. With a wealth of experience spanning over 7 years in the consulting field, our founders are deeply committed to providing expert guidance and unwavering support throughout your journey. At AEC, our team of passionate and experienced consultants is dedicated to helping students like you achieve their dreams of studying abroad.
Recognizing that each student is unique, we take pride in offering personalized solutions that align with your academic and career aspirations. Through strong partnerships with renowned universities and colleges worldwide, we present a diverse range of programs and study destinations for you to explore and choose from.
Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of your study abroad experience, from assisting you in university selection and application to providing guidance on visa processes and offering pre-departure support. We are here to simplify the complex journey, ensuring a seamless transition into your new educational environment.
Join us at AEC, where your dreams of international education can be turned into reality. Allow us to be your trusted companion on this transformative journey, guiding you towards a future full of possibilities. Together, we’ll unlock a world of opportunities for your academic and personal growth.

AEC Education Pvt Ltd
goal pf AEC Education Pvt Ltd

Vision of AEC Educare Pvt Ltd

Our vision is to empower students with global education opportunities, fostering their personal growth, cultural awareness, and career success. We strive to be the leading catalyst in shaping future leaders who can thrive in a globalized world.

mission of AEC Education Pvt Ltd

Mission of AEC Educare Pvt Ltd

Our mission is to simplify the complex process of studying abroad. We aim to provide reliable, transparent, and personalized services, assisting students in making well-informed decisions that align with their goals. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the application process, visa services, secure scholarships, and support your transition to a new educational environment.

Offices of AEC Educare Pvt Ltd

Bhavnagar office of AEC

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pune office of AEC

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Our Territorial Chiefs and master group at the administrative center are only a call/text away and anxious to offer arrangements that your business needs.

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Join the quickest developing EdTech brand offering unending learning and amazing learning experiences and advance your profession with us.

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